Our Teachers


Patti, E-RYT 500, RPYT, YACEP, LCCE (Ram Dharam Kaur) began her yoga career in response to some health problems in 2000. As her love of yoga grew, she decided to become a teacher to share her unique perspective on the benefits of yoga. She believes yoga can help just about everything and is passionate about learning all she can to help her students have the best possible yoga experience. After completing her 200 hour certification, she decided to pursue her 500 hour certification at Yoga H’om. Upon completion, she became certified with Yoga Alliance at the 500 hour level. Patti has attended workshops with some of the yoga masters including Gurmukh (Prenatal), Rodney Yee, Judith Hansen Lasiter, Desiree Rumbaugh, Tim Miller, Master Paulie Zink, Max Strom, Doug Keller and Leslie Kaminoff. She especially enjoys teaching Prenatal (she is a certified Prenatal Yoga Teacher, Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator, and a Trained Doula). In addition to the studio, she also teaches prenatal at some of the local hospitals.  Patti just retired from her job as a researcher in Preconception Counseling for women with diabetes at the University of Pittsburgh.

maggieMaggie, E-RYT 500, YACEP has been practicing yoga since 2003. She used yoga to transform her life and is passionate about guiding others on their journey to connecting heart, soul, mind and body. Her light hearted style encourages her students to find strength, flexibility and peace of mind through patience, breath awareness and a sense of humor. Maggie completed both her 200 and 500 hour certifications at Yoga Hom in Pittsburgh, PA and has been training teachers through that program for 6 years.  Maggie continues to be inspired by attending workshops and studying with senior teachers such as Rodney Yee, Desiree Rumbaugh and Ray Long (anatomy).  Among other interests she also enjoys family, friends, beach combing and spending time with her husband Phil in the great outdoors.

Terri, E-RYT 500, YACEP Terri found a sincere love and commitment to the philosophy and physical practice that yoga had to offer in 2000.  Anxious to learn more, she completed both 200 and advanced 300 trainings at Yoga H'Om.  Additionally, she became certified as the Pittsburgh facilitator of “Off the Mat” Leadership Training with Seane Corn.   Her classes are inspired by the precision of Iyengar, the power of Ashtanga, and the freedom of Anusaura being trained by masters specializing in each lineage. Terri has worked one-on-one with a Dr. of Chiropractic in Orlando, Florida with regards to spinal health and injuries. Her classes are molded to the needs of the students—beginners to advanced level—and have a strong focus on compassion and kindness for oneself. She encourages self-expression and individual modification in a relaxed and playful setting.

 Monical KesslerMonica, E-RYT 200 – Fitness has always been a part of Monica’s life. In 2002, Monica was introduced to yoga at the gym she was attending. At that moment, she knew she found much more than just another way to break a sweat. Desiring to learn more about this beautiful practice, Monica arrived at Yoga H’om. It was there that the ‘yoga’ she had been practicing transformed from being just a physical exercise into a complete mind, body and life changing experience. Knowing how greatly this practice affected her life, Monica knew in her heart that she had to share this practice with others and enrolled into Donna’s 200-hour teacher training program in 2011.

Monica's intention is to uplift and send you on your way to a better day. Monica's yoga journey has been an amazing experience. She will continue to grow and expand her knowledge by attending workshops with Richard Freeman, Rodney Yee, Max Strom, Cameron Shayne, Desiree Rumbaugh, Tiffany Cruikshank and Kino MacGregor as well as many more senior yoga masters in the years to come!  When Monica isn’t practicing yoga she enjoys spending time with her husband, their dog Ruby, mountain biking, and jewelry making.

KristenKristen, RYT 500 - Kristen began practicing yoga in 2006 as a horseback rider looking to improve her flexibility, core strength and posture. After seeing how yoga transformed not only her horseback riding, but also the rest of her life, she began to consider becoming a certified teacher.  After many recommendations, Kristen chose Yoga H'om to complete both her 200 and 300 hour yoga trainings.  Through her teacher training Kristen developed a great passion for yoga and honed her love of teaching.  One of the most exciting aspects of yoga, according to Kristen, is that it is a life long journey with room for change with every pose and every teaching.

When she's not teaching, Kristen can be found horseback riding, walking her dog, laying in the sun or satisfying her continual thirst for knowledge.

Vicky, RYT-200 - found yoga in 2000 after purchasing a yoga tape to support her running and weight training regimen. Instantly she realized yoga offered far more than a mere physical workout; it was a lifestyle. Over the years Vicky maintained her practice and in 2011 completed the 100 Hour Yoga Lifestyle Program at Three Rivers Yoga. For a few years yoga took a back seat while Vicky obtained her license in massage therapy. 

In 2014, she reconnected with herself on the yoga mat and completed the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training program at Yoga H'om. Her yogic influences include Tracey Rich & Ganga White (White Lotus), Suzanne Deason, and Rodney Yee. When not providing massage or playing in the studio, Vicky is most likely on a hike, at the beach, or learning something new.

Mary, RYT-200 - Mary has been practicing yoga as a form of stress management for over 20 years. However it has been in the last 10 years that a dedicated regular practice was established. Travel for work gave Mary the opportunity to experience several different styles and studios in various cities. There were many excellent instructors who have served as inspiration; however it was at Donna Dyer's Yoga H'om that she realized yoga was more of a life style choice rather than an exercise routine.  In 2014 she decided to retire from the corporate world and make yoga a priority in her life. In 2015 she completed the 200 hour teacher training certification at Yoga H’om. The intention was not to look for a retirement job, but rather to share the love of yoga and its excellent healing properties with others. Mary's goal is to guide others on their path of spiritual and physical healing through yoga.


E-RYT 200 took her first yoga class in 1995. One of her earliest yoga teachers was an inspiring 74 year old. Deanna witnessed her complete recovery from a car accident that left her with over 13 broken bones. She attributed the successful recovery to her yoga practice. Deanna then made a vow to incorporate yoga in her everyday life and to help others find resilience and peace as our bodies age. Deanna loves to teach beginners, gentle flow, yin and really enjoys taking students outdoors to practice in nature. She believes it’s never too late for all people to have physical, mental and spiritual health through the practice of yoga. 

Deanna completed her 200 hour certifications at Yoga H’om in Pittsburgh, PA. 

Residing in McMurray, PA with her husband, Bob, an elderly dog and rescue cat, she enjoys spending time with family and friends, hiking, cooking, gardening and reading.

gardening and reading.

Cynthia, RYT 200 discovered yoga in January of 2013, after setting a 30-day challenge to do things that she was afraid to do. Being 6 foot tall and zaftig, she was afraid to make a fool out of herself in class. Her first class was a hot vinyasa basics class, where she learned several things, including she could not hold down dog at all and her hands are very slippery when sweaty. She left the class feeling dejected and embarrassed, but still proud to have tried something new.  However, something magical happened the next day. She felt better. The body was sore, but the mind was clearer, more

relaxed and focused. She set out to find these feelings again so she went back for another class. As her practice continued, she explored other types of yoga and enjoyed seeing the changes for the better in both body and mind. In 2015, she took on another challenge and became a 200-hour certified instructor, learning from such gifted teachers as Gretchen Dudek, Joanne Spence and Richard Gartner. Along with a degree in Pharmacy, she also specializes in diabetes and stress management.  Her classes emphasize the connection between the mind and body, with focus on alignment, safety, breath, and modifications to ensure yoga is accessible to all.  Her goal is that when you step off your mat, you feel confident, refreshed and balanced. Her motto about yoga is “You are welcome here!”

Melissa Lucciola

Melissa, E-RYT 200 – Yoga is a tremendous source of balance and healing for Melissa, a gift that has helped her overcome the life altering medical challenges of stroke and chronic migraines. Her philosophy is to inspire students to better understand themselves and to support them in discovering their true nature. In her practical approach to yoga, it is Melissa’s belief that one of the keys to enlightenment is to literally “lighten up,” so having fun is always a part of the process. Her sense of humor and commitment to non-judgment provide a safe place for students to explore, break boundaries, and release layers of physical and emotional weight. She believes that “one size does not fit all” when it comes to yoga, therefore she inspires and supports everyone in finding the path that is right for them. Melissa feels grateful for the grace she has received from her many talented teachers–for all their guidance, support and encouragement. Melissa continues to find inspiration by attending workshops with senior teachers such as Rodney Yee, Colleen Saidman, Tiffany Cruikshank, Kathryn Budig, Paul Grilley, Doug Keller and Max Strom. You can also find her at the Floating Studio where she teaches stand up paddleboard yoga and is a YOGAqua Certified SUP Yoga Instructor. She also enjoys art, hiking, biking, cooking, wine, family, friends, as well as spending time with Darryl and their family of four-legged furkids Titus, MacGreggors and Gracie.

KatieKatie, RYT 200 - Katie had an interest in yoga from a very early age, but always felt that she 

lacked the prerequisites of flexibility and strength to attend a class.  It wasn't until 2009, when she saw a sign for a Yoga class at her local gym that she felt she had a wealth of potential and Yoga might just unlock it.  During the course of the class Katie's enthusiasm grew until she knew with complete certainty that she wanted to fit yoga into her life.  After a year of practicing from books and videos, Katie, and her husband Joe, found Donna's Yoga H'om.  As her practice bloomed under the careful eye of her new teachers, Katie came to see the immense impact that yoga can have, not just on the physical self, but on all parts of daily life.  Katie found that she wanted to share this gift with other people, and set out on the course of teacher training at Yoga H'Om in 2011.

Through yoga Katie found so much more than physical exercise.  She has found confidence, humility, friendship, and passion for something bigger than herself.  In her classes she hopes to help others find similar blessings, heedless of their flexibility or lack there-of.  Besides yoga Katie is passionate about the environment and being outdoors.  She loves backpacking, hiking, travel...anything that will get her outside.  She also enjoys dabbling in crafts and is currently enthralled by stained glass.

Monica M, RYT 200 - In late 2007, Monica heard about yoga and its benefits to help heal and empower.  She wanted to find ways to feel better as a whole – in her mind, her body, and her soul. Monica completed the 200 hour teacher training at Yoga H'Om in Pittsburgh. She has studied with esteemed teachers Rodney Yee, Tiffany Cruikshank, Tias Little, Maty Ezraty, Kathryn Budig, and Desiree Rumbaugh.

Most of her classes are light-hearted and fun. She wants her students to listen to their bodies, find strength, flexibility, and concentration through breath awareness, patience, and yes, even a good laugh.  Monica teaches her students spirituality and positivity in hopes that they'll take what they learn on their mat off their mat and into their life. 

wesWes, RYT 200 - Way back in the fall of 2006 Wes began his journey on the path of yoga when he moved into an apartment that happened to be located three blocks from a yoga studio.  Little did he know how profoundly his life would be forever changed for the better with a regular asana practice. Over the last four years he has studied under, or at least taken a few classes from, a number of the many excellent instructors in the Pittsburgh area.  He also has had the opportunity to attend workshops lead by Edward Clark of Tripsichore, Desiree Rumbaugh, Paulie Zink, Tim Miller, and Leslie Kaminoff.  In 2009 Wes completed the 200-hour teacher training program at Yoga H'om.  Wes wholeheartedly believes that the journey is comprised of many paths, and that all styles of yoga can offer immeasurable benefits to those who are open to them.  His approach to teaching emphasizes the physically oriented aspects of breath, movement, and stillness.  It is his intent to humbly share with others the tidbits of yoga insight that he continues to discover along the way.

Teacher Emeritus

DonnaDonna, E-RYT 500 - An avid believer in the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of yoga, Donna brings a sense of lighthearted fun, compassion and spirituality to her popular classes.  She enjoys the opportunity to inspire and challenge students to be the best yogis they can be, both on and off the mat.  Her emphasis on internal awareness, alignment and use of the breath allows students to go inward and let go of the stresses of life.  Practicing yoga since 1996, Donna completed a 500-hour intensive teacher training course and continues to enrich her training by studying with her teachers Rodney Yee (Hatha), Tim Miller (Ashtanga) and Desiree Rumbaugh.  She has also had the opportunity to experience the teachings of numerous other top teachers in the country.  She is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with the Yoga Alliance The mother of two grown children and proud grandmother, Donna resides both here and in Florida with her husband Bob.